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Hill Repeats

When training for a race involving running uphill, hill repeats should be included in the workouts.

  • How to complete the workout - Some number of running up the same or different hills at a pace above lactate threshold is the typical way of running hill repeats. An active or passive rest can be used, however, enough rest should be included to complete the upcoming hill repeat above lactate threshold effort.
  • The purpose of the workout - The name implies the purpose in this workout. It is to prepare you for the different positions and forces placed upon the body when running uphill. It is very important to train with hills when preparing for a race including hills.
  • Example of the workout
    • warm-up for about 10 minutes
    • 4 times a short hill (30-60 seconds)
    • 3 times a medium hill (60-90 seconds)
    • 2 times a long hill (more than 90 seconds)
    • cool down run (this is especially important since your muscles have been working a little different than usual)