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Interval Training

Intervals are designed to train the body close to race pace. They are often quite fatiguing, but can have tremendous benefits when training for performance.

  • How to complete the workout - Depending upon the purpose of the training, there are many different distances and paces that should be used. The main thing is to train at or slightly faster than the goal pace for the race being trained for. A fixed number of sets and repetitions will be run, with a walk or slow jog in between intervals. Various distances may be incorporated into the workout or sometimes distances will be kept the same.
  • The purpose of the workout - The workout will prepare you for a race. The hard effort is at or above race pace, which is very specific to how you will perform, and if applied correctly will not break the body down as much as a race.
  • Example of the workout
    • 5-10 minute warm-up at a relatively light effort
    • 4x100m near race pace with complete recovery
    • 4x1200m at predicted race pace with 3 minutes recovery between each one
    • 5-10 minute cool-down run at a relatively light effort