Course Description

This course is desinged to provide students with an understanding of how to use various technologies in a biomechanics lab for measuring kinematics. Along with making measurements, students will also learn how to perform the calculations involved in analysis of collected data.


  • Use motion analysis equipment
  • Demonstrate an understanding of linear and angular kinematics
  • Filter kinematic data
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the direct linear transformation
  • Demonstrate correct camera use (including modifying settings for a good quality picture)

Office hours

Iain Hunter
120D RB
11-1 MW


Five mini-projects will be required during the term. They are designed to help you practice using the instrumentation in the biomechanics lab and determine appropriate interpretations of collected data.

Term Project

You will complete a term project with the purpose of utilizing equipment that may be of help to you during your thesis or dissertation. You will complete the write up in the format of abstracts for the American Society of Biomechanics Annual Meeting. Discuss the topic of your project with Dr. Hunter to have it approved.

Final Exam

One exam will be completed during finals week. It will cover information from all chapters discussed in class. Some of it will be solving mathematical problems and others will be short answer problems dealing with methodology, interpretation, limitations, and assumptions.


Mini Projects 30%
Term Project 30%
Final Exam 40%